The Neon Finca - Colourful homeware for January days

Friday, 27 January 2017

Anyone fed up of winter yet? I love candles and fairy lights but I like being warm more. Anyway I thought your eyes might need something bright today so here are some gorgeous textiles my friend is selling in her Etsy shop, The Neon Finca. We took these photo's at the beginning of December and it was a good day, I love anything textile and tassel related so I was in my element shooting these pics. 

I'm always inspired by spending time with my friend, we met whilst we were pregnant (our babies were due the same day) and she has always been so full of support and encouragement. Her energy and can do attitude is so refreshing, no waiting for everything to perfect or i'll do it tomorrow excuses she just gets on with it (she also has a design job and runs a beautiful shoe company, Merle and Morris). I think so many of us (me 100% included) get scared to try something new or just get too comfy that a little more getting on with it is the sentiment we need to start a new year.  

I hope you all have a good weekend, these pictures remind that I really need to finish painting this room! 


  1. I'm all about those tassels and pom poms!

    - Natalie


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