Colourful birds

Friday, 20 January 2017

Hooray for the weekend! Dan's been travelling and Stanley's been majorly teething so this week has felt long. Stanley and I were at a loose end one morning so I decided to revamp our Christmas stick with something more jolly. He loves birds (real and fake) so pulled out all these colourful chaps plus some paper decorations and a few lengths of ribbon. We did lose a few birds to his curious hands and some of these decorations are rather crumpled but I think its good for little ones to play with adult stuff (with supervision) once in a while - it stops it becoming so interesting!

I attached some wire between the branches so the birds would sit facing outwards, tied a ribbon around the branches and then added a row of paper decorations - it didn't take me longer than 30mins and I love how happily it sits in the corner of the dining room.

I've put links at the end of the post for all supplies. Have a great weekend everyone. x

Pink and Blue Birds - Talking Tables - (they also have parrots!)
Blue and orange birds  - Paperchase (although not online)
Paper decorations - Try Hema - these, these and these are all pretty
Ribbon - VV Rouleux 


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