Star necklace

Friday, 16 December 2016

Every morning Stanley and I read his 'Twinkle, Twinkle' book at least five times which might explain the star theme for my latest necklace. I made this in November and have been wearing to any occasion which requires me to wear more than my usual mum clothes.
I thought its about time I stopped saving my precious bead stash for best and start using everything I have in my collection. For this necklace I mixed some of my favourite glass sequins that I bought at the magnificent Tinsel Trading in New York a few years ago. They are very special and still come in their original 1940's packaging which makes me very happy indeed. 

For me inspiration always comes from two places; colours and the materials I use. I love creating layers of textures and soft subtle colours. For this necklace I've mixed leather stars, sequins, beads and jewels both old and new, which all sit on a vintage necklace that I picked up somewhere along the way. 
After many years of talking about it I finally feel ready to start selling the jewellery I make. I'm working on a small collection of my most liked pieces but plan to add one-off's like this to sit along side. For me creating something special is my favourite thing to do - I love seeing a necklace or earrings take shape as I let the materials guide me as I go. If you're interested in having something made then please get in touch, wedding commissions or just because jewellery are really fun to make and I'd love to create something for you. Have a great weekend. x 


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