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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Just like that the first frosts of winter have arrived and so has December. I love this time of year, everything just feels magical. When it comes to inspiration, I like to mix my two favourites - foraged finds and glitter. Perhaps not the most natural bed fellows but the colours of the outdoors are always the best, I love the sharp greens of crab apples and the chartreuse of lichen against shop bought silvers and soft silky creams. I don't believe you have to spend a fortune on decorations, mixing the outside with a few sparkly pieces is always a winner for me. I like to add in my charity shop finds like these glasses to the table - I'm slowing collecting a set, each one different which is part of the charm and they never cost more than 25p which is even better. Whilst it can be tempting to buy a whole look from a shop, I think its better to build your decoration collection slowly. Each year I add a few new things and keep a few back, its always changing but I love how memories and traditions come out along with the decoration box. 
Every year my decorations begin with finding the perfect Christmas stick, I have lucked out this year with the most beautiful piece of silver birch that I intend to decorate with these tiny silver decorations (from the Pound Shop!) and plenty of little fairy lights. The main tree will go up in the next few days ready for a friends Christmas dinner at the weekend - I'm so excited I LOVE decorating the tree and even tested the fairy lights in preparation (last year there were a few light issues)!
I've tried to get a head start on making and wrapping but I do intend to make some new Christmas stockings and perhaps a few more candles as the month goes on. I learnt the hard way last year, trying to do too much with a little one around is impossible, I'm aiming for a slow and steady approach this year. 

I'm also hashtaging all my Christmas makes with  #makingchristmasbeautiful feel free to join in with all your Christmas makes it'll be fun to see what everyone is up to over the month. Have a wonderful December. xx


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