Christmas 2016

Friday, 23 December 2016

As Christmas is almost here I wanted to share some of the decorations and festive touches I've been adding around the house. There have been a few tough baby weeks so not everything I had planned got done but I am really happy with whats gone up and whats been made. I'm looking forward to weekend ahead, I hope there will be lots of fun and food in store plus a nap or two! Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you as always for reading. xx 
Above - Snowflake garland -  I attached snowflakes (from Poundland) and wide twinkly ribbon to a long piece of string using staples (so nothing fancy!) and hung over the dining room table to create a winter wonderland.

A few Christmas fairy cakes that I tried to make with Stanley (it wasn't that successful!) but they do look pretty.  
Handmade present using scrap fabric from my stockings and last years gift wrapping label.
This years Christmas stick, a silver birch branch with silver birch star decorations and lots of fairy lights. I love filling big vases with baubles and am slowly building up a Christmas tree collection. My mum made the little glass tree and I hand drew little trees on the tea light holder using a chalk pen

I thought it was time to update our stockings, I made these really simple ones using tie dyed calico and ran a simple running stitch and then zig zag around the edge, they took about 2 hours to make all three (including the time it took to make the pattern). For the rest of the fireplace I decorated with silver bells from Laura Ashley, lots of candles, a little greenery and paper decorations (which I picked up in the summer). 
I prefer dark pink flowers to red at Christmas time and have been keeping this jar filled with blooms over the last few weeks. I found some holly in the woods which I added in to make it look a bit natural. I'm not a huge fan of fake candles but they are much safer with a bubba around, to soften I added salt to the jars to make a snow effect which I think works pretty well. Once it's dark they look really sweet sparkling away and I don't get candle fear! 


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