Flower crowns and cameras

Saturday, 26 November 2016

I can feel the hype of black Friday and cyber Monday swirling all around me but this year I haven't fallen for any of it - I'm getting tired of having stuff for the sake of it and would much rather an experience or something floral. Last weekend my sisters and I had a mini day around East London - Palm Vaults for coffee (such a lovely place), a stroll to Broadway Market (I like it there but don't love it), a dash to  Conservatory Archives (a tiny tropical paradise) and then onto The Flower Appreciation Society for a flower crown course (so many amazing vases). I've been so inspired all week, making wreaths and going a bit photo crazy.  Talking of photo's I took all of these on my Olympus Pen and pancake lens, which I can't recommend enough, it's SO easy to use and the photos always come really well (plus you can transfer them straight to your phone). I know I don't normally talk photography but thought you might be interested!  


  1. Such a beautiful wreath! I really really want to go to palm vaults it sounds so lovely

    - Natalie


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