How to paint a metal bed

Friday, 14 October 2016

Keeping with this weeks resting theme here is a gentle weekend project. I'd been putting painting this metal bed off for almost a year as I thought it was going to be so difficult. I even went as far as getting quotes for someone else to do but with answers ranging from £200 - £1000 I thought I'd bite the bullet and have a go myself. Turns out it was really simple, it took me a leisurely day (including drying time) here's how...
Step 1. Using a fine grain sandpaper give the frame a light sand and then clean with a damp cloth.
Step 2. Using a small paint brush, give the frame a light coat of multipurpose primer and leave to dry. 

Step 3. Apply a coat of metal paint (I used Farrow and Ball in Wevet) leave to dry and then paint another layer. You might want to to give a third coat depending on the original state of the base. Leave to dry completely then assemble the bed.

See so easy! I have been changing my bedroom around over the summer and this bed has been the perfect addition. I have gone for a really tranquil colour scheme in this room if I was going for something lively then I'd definitely been tempted to paint the frame a really bright colour. Have a great weekend everyone. x


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