Graphic paper and pom pom gift wrapping

Saturday, 29 October 2016

With autumn in full swing and the clocks going back an hour this weekend, I thought its about time I shared a new cosy gift wrapping tutorial. I really like challenging myself to try out different styles each time I share a wrapping tutorial, as my last one was so feminine and beautiful I wanted to try something more graphic for my autumn version. I picked up the paper in my favourite local shop, I can't remember the make but there are plenty of papers around, you don't want anything too fussy or with a small print.
Ever since my work with Red Online, I've been obsessed with these pom pom makers. They make  pom pom making so easy and are a perfect autumn activity of you can't keep your hands still during the evenings. To make these multi colour versions you'll need three different colour wools, I used cream, grey and a bright pink. Wrap a length of each around the pom pom maker, the longer the length of a colour the more colour will be in the main pom pom. 

For the first parcel I used one large and one medium sized pom pom with a length of grey pom poms running along the edge of the turquoise section. I stuck all the poms poms onto the parcel with double sided tape.

For the second I wrapped some of this beautiful House Doctor grey woollen string and tied three large pom poms to fill the length of the parcel, obviously if your parcel is bigger then you'll need more pom poms. The idea for this one is to fill the top with a full line of poms poms. 
I've been experimenting with darker backgrounds for my photos, I love how these photos look all 'spacey' and the wrapping is perfect for the cosy days ahead. Time depending I've been sharing more of my makes as I go in Instagram Stories, you can follow me here to see me making 'live'. Happy making! xx 


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