a colourful first birthday

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

I can't believe it was almost a month has passed since we celebrated Stanley's first birthday. I wanted to share the really simple colourful decorations I used. I literally had an hour to decorate and this included picking up the cake! First I made a banner using Ikea drawing paper, I simply painted the birthday message and then cut it into a point and folded the top over some string so I could hang up. I then pulled out all my colourful decorations from my party box and draped around the room, using the existing picture hooks a connectors. If your room isn't mid renovation, then you could use command strips instead. 
I bought the stars and bunting whilst in Mallorca this summer and the honeycomb garland in Hema about five years ago. I have just been 'researching' alternatives and the whole selection in Hema is fantastic, really reasonably priced and they now deliver in the UK which they weren't doing last time I checked - you can get everything you need for around ten pounds. I case you were wondering I used two star garlands, one 10 metre length of bunting and one honeycomb garland (which I think was about 6 metres long). 

Two other short cuts which I 100% recommend are buying helium balloons, Stanley loves them plus they make the whole celebration just a bit more special and buying a cake. I'm never making a birthday cake again, I ordered a beautiful blueberry and buttermilk cake from one of my favourite cafes  and topped with a one and star from Meri Meri. Buying a cake took the stress out of the whole day, it looked good and tasted amazing which meant I wasn't stressing and could enjoy the occasion, its not everyday your baby turns one.  
I won't lie, Dan and I had more disagreements about how to celebrate than we did organising our whole wedding. My advice to any of you Mama's with a first birthday coming up is to keep it simple and buy a cake, always buy a cake! 


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