Friday, 23 September 2016

Do you find your sources of inspiration changing with the seasons? I definitely do, in summer it's all about the colours of the sky, the light reflecting on the sea and of course blooming flowers in the garden. Now that Autumn is really starting to show itself I find myself looking online, pulling tears from magazines or heading to the shops for an inspiration fix. I spent a very happy Saturday with my best friend last week, we window shopped around Mayfair, went to see David Hockney at the Royal Academy and pottered around Fortum and Mason (mainly looking for the loo but getting majorly side tracked by hats, scarves, the Christmas Shop and men's socks). After a few weeks of routine it was so good to have a break away - I could feel my mind soaking up all the new sights. One mini trend I noticed is the return of the silk scarf, casually knotted or luxuriously wrapped it's made me pull out my silk scarf collection this week. Have a great weekend everyone, I'm celebrating a very special first birthday. xx


  1. I really need to invest in some fun scarves to spruce up my pretty minimal wardrobe

    - Natalie


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