Craft Room - before and after

Sunday, 18 September 2016

I'm so happy to finally be share some more of our home renovations with you. It's been a busy summer with builders coming and going (sometimes too much going) but I promise this room won't disappoint. This little room tucked away in the top of the house really didn't have much going for it -   it was dark (obvs) with the main window at floor level, sloping ceilings and rotten eaves. The serious reason behind getting more work done was our roof had no insulation plus there was still rot left in some of the eaves from 30 years of a leaking door/window we decided to put in a window to cut out the last of the rot.
Our builders did all the work so I can't offer any advice on the actual process, this and the room next to it were boarded up so we couldn't access the rooms whilst they were taking down all the walls and adding insulation. If you're doing any major building work with a baby around I would recommend getting 'the site' sealed off as much as possible, I found that nothing is more appealing to a baby than a room full of dangerous tools and piles of rubble!
As soon as I saw the new light in this room, I knew it'd make the perfect craft space. Over the summer I decided not to return to my office job so having a dedicated workspace away from the rest of the house was really important step in turning my hobby into a more sustainable career option. One of the guys doing the building offered to also paint the room, I'd normally do it myself but with free time being so limited I took him up on the offer which meant the room was done 100 times quicker. The only painting I did was the floorboards and skirting. I used three coats plus a primer of Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint (recommended to me by this lovely lady) and it turned out beautifully. It was a bit of a rush job but the white paint hides a multitude of sins and as we'd run out of money for proper flooring it made a brilliant cost effective alternative.
The best thing we did in this room, with the suggestion of our builder, was add a Velux Cabrio Balcony Window - it's seriously transformed this sad little room into a magical space. The window is almost full length and let's in so much light plus being south facing we now get the most incredible views of the sea. It wasn't in our initial budget but I'm glad we paid extra it's worth every single penny. 
To furnish I used a mix of pieces I already had, like the desk and shelving unit. I made the trestle work table which was so easy and added a few pieces from my furniture which I've been stock piling for days when renovations are over (the wicker chair and rug were both £1). I LOVE how this room has come together it's such a calm and inspiring place to spend time in.


  1. What a transformation! Love the little pops of colour. It looks lovely and bright now, the perfect place for creating - can't wait to see what you make in there!

    - Natalie

  2. Thanks so much Natalie, I really can't believe how much this room has been transformed. Xx


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