Styling The Seasons - July

Monday, 4 July 2016

For July's Styling The Seasons I had to take a little time to reflect what the month means to me. It's easy to fall into a trap of routine when the days are whizzing by, knowing what comes next can be a comfort to me. For this post I thought one of our new rooms would be ready and I could do some nice pictures in a new space. Of course that hasn't happened the building work is dragging on and neither room is ready.  Nevermind, I panicked a little then realised this months Styling The Seasons had actually arranged itself. I made this salvaged shelf during nap time, it took about 10 minutes and I've been changing bits around ever since I put it up in my bedroom. I love how the different textures look against the soft green walls and it gives me a place (well out of Stanley's grasp) to display my treasures. 

Initially I didn't think July meant much to me but the more I thought about it to me July is all about freedom. During school years, it was the count down to the summer holidays. Whilst at work it was the freedom of 5pm, leaving stifled air-conditioned offices for the baked pavements of London and buzz of people laughing and drinking outside. I attended Blogtacular a few weeks ago and ever since I have been feeling a sense of lightness. Blog things that used to worry me, no longer do and instead of having a sense of not knowing where to start I've been quietly working through my to do list getting new workshops organised and making changes to my blog itself. Its been renewing to let go of old thoughts that hung over me - I feel like I'm starting afresh. 
Whilst I was pondering July this post from Emily popped into my feed, I really like the idea of making six month resolutions. In January my main goal was to enjoy being a mama which I've been doing. Where I used to dread each day, I now look forward to what each day brings and have got used to having loose plans and making the most of the day and Stanley's mood. For the next 6 months I feel ready to get back into blogging, teaching jewellery making workshops again and finding a balance between being a mum and doing a little of what I love. 

Slightly off the subject I like to use these posts as a record of what has been growing in my garden. Now that summer is in full swing new blooms are popping up all over the place, some more successful than others. This months pickings are surprise blooms, the roses are from a bush that looked like it was on its last legs - it's found its perfect spot and now can't stop producing these sweet white roses. A second surprise are these coriander flowers, I shoved a supermarket pot into a flower bed and the plant couldn't be happier - these whimsical flowers are just gorgeous. If I was better with words and analogies there is definitely something to be said about finally finding your right place and blooming. 

I hope that you all have a fantastic July and take the time to join Katy and myself with Styling The Seasons, I can't wait to see all your posts. Make sure you tag us both(@lottsandlots @aptapothercary) so we can see them. Have a great month. xx 


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