DIY - silk tassel bracelet

Friday, 8 July 2016

Happy Friday everyone! You might have noticed that my beloved jewellery making posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately, its definitely not through lack of ideas, I'm just a bit short on time these days. When I do get a spare minute to make I want a quick project with plenty of impact like the silk cord and tassel bracelets. When it comes to a simple project like these its always best to focus on quality materials like this silk cord or these beautiful silk tassels - there's something about using silk that gives even the simplest project a little magic. Here's how to make...
You'll need - 4mm silk cord, silk or cotton tassels, E6000 glue, 5mm cord ends, bolt rings, 4mm & 7mm jump rings 
First cut the cord to your exact wrist measurement. Add drop E6000 glue to inside of each cord end and insert the cord, leave to dry. If any glue oozes out clean off with a cloth, I love this glue as its so easy to clean any spillages.

Using a 4mm jump ring attach the bolt ring to one end of the bracelet and a 7mm jump ring to the other. To open a jump ring take a pair of pliers in each hand and really tightly clamp the jump ring in one hand (I'm right handed so do this in my left hand) With the opening facing up take the second pair of pliers in your other hand (right) and put them at a 45 degree angle to the opening. Gently open the jump ring by pushing the opening in opposite directions. Thread on your findings to each jump ring before you close. To close push the sides of the jump rings back together in the opposite direction to how you opened it.
Open a 7mm jump (as previous step) and thread on a tassel, close the jump ring. Do this with all your tassels. I used two tassels per bracelet but there are no limits! Now thread all your tassels onto one 7mm jump ring and keep open...
Now add the tassels to the bracelet and close the jump ring. 
Tah-dah - make as many of these bracelets as you can and watch your bracelet stack grow! I have to mention the little print in the background, its by the wonderfully talented textile designer Sarah Fennell, I follow her on Instagram and she has the BEST colour palettes around. You can read more about her here and see some of her gorgeous designs here (I'm totally getting one of those pillows). Have a great weekend and happy making. xx


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