Summer To Do List

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Ahh you can tell summer has arrived here in the UK, every morning starts with a hopeful glance from behind the curtain to see if the day will be sunny and not grey and rainy as it currently is. Rain aside I truly love summer and as this is my first in ten years not to be office bound or pregnant I really want to enjoy every minute. I wrote a Spring to do list and found it so helpful to staying focused and getting jobs done - here is my summer version. 

Make the most of the beach - the beach is at the end of the our road so there are no excuses for not taking Stanley for a paddle. 

Get my craft room up and running - the plasterer has just left so all I need to do is wait for the room to dry and I can get started with the white paint. I'm missing having a space to create so much.

Post every Friday - I'm struggling to keep up with being a mama, having commissions, sorting building work and other general stuff that I'm going to be posting once a week on a Friday afternoon, starting this week (I think). 

Take a few day trips - I'd love to go and see the pretty beach huts on Mersey Island, don't these look so cute and visit Beth Chatto's garden for some local garden inspiration. 

Perfect a Sangria recipe - Dan doesn't like cocktails but I do. Sangria is the happy medium so I want to find a great recipe that we can have when the sun shines. 

Make more puddings - A random one for summer but I never make dessert and would like to make more of an effort. Currently on my list something with fig (as I have a really pretty can of figs in the cupboard), tiramisu and something with cherries. 

Get a pedicure - I'm pretty good at doing my own toes but you can't beat an hour off to have some one else make them look pretty and read trashy magazines. 

Of course there are many other house things to do but that list is seemingly endless and for another time. 

Have a great summer everyone. xx


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