DIY - hooray houseplants

Saturday, 11 June 2016

As a maker you sometimes have to accept what you're not good at and for me its card making. I just can't make flat things look good, what I am good at is playing with texture and having fun. I've needed to send a few cards lately so instead of giving some sorry effort for a handmade card I created these celebration houseplants. Not only do they last much longer, they are really simple to make. 
 You'll need -  small houseplants (these can be picked up everywhere from supermarkets to florists), terracotta pots (the more aged the better), wooden skewers, thin card, writing pen, craft knife, embroidery thread, tassels , pom pom maker, plus anything else you have handy that can be dangled! 
 The method is fairly loose...
Step 1. Make pom poms, little tags with your message on (the were approx. 1cm wide) and anything else you fancy. 

Step 2. Put the skewers into the pots, you will might want to cut them down to size depending on the size of your plant. I cut mine at different lengths so that the tassels and banners would hang properly. 

Step 3. Fasten thread at the top of each skewer (the length will depend on the size of the plant). Then tie on your tassels, banners and pom poms. 
I really love how these turned out, they are so happy. I think they'd also look great super sized or grouped together along a table for a celebration dinner/party/wedding. Happy making! x


  1. Such a sweet little creation! Love the pompoms especially. :)


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