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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

 Hello everyone! I wrote in May's Styling The Seasons that I was going to take a little break from the internet, too much internet time was effecting my confidence and I needed some space. It was all going swimmingly for a week, I was getting loads done and I didn't have the guilt of not writing posts. Then we were burgled. The thieves opened our front door and helped themselves to our laptop, iPad and Dan's wallet whilst we were asleep (something told me to hide my camera that afternoon and I'm SO grateful I listened). I don't care about the stuff it's the fact that there have been people in my house uninvited that makes me feel so violated. Luckily no harm came to any of us but I now sleep with a bat by my bed should anyone decide to try their luck again.

As I have gained access to a computer (what is a blogger without a computer?!)  and to stop this post being a downer I thought I'd share some of what's being going whilst I've been away. There has been plenty to keep me busy - repainting my bedroom, overseeing building work, filming tutorials for Red Online (eeeep!) and of course happy days being a mama and looking after my boy. I've actually managed to get some new DIY's started and as soon as I'm back up and running I can start sharing again. Until then here are a few pretty bits from the last month or so. 

top picture - garden flowers and freshly painted bedroom walls
Above - Beautiful blossom in Southend 

Hama bead tutorial in Mollie Makes magazine

My growing boy

Filming tutorials for Red Online 


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