ways to stay creative (when you don't have much time)

Friday, 8 April 2016

Being creative and living a creative life is something that is truly important to me. It's the reason I started my blog and the reason I keep blogging even when there are times I feel like I should stop. Through posting on a regular basis I've noticed the ebb and flow of time and ideas. I'm currently in a low time patch which I'm ok with and I know there are many of you in the same position. I thought I'd share my simple ways to stay creative when you're pushed for time.

Take a photo - you don't have to share it just look around you and see what sparks your imagination. If all you can see is laundry and washing up then clear a space on a table top, find a piece of white card or even better create a flat lay board, full out a selection of your favourite things and snap away!

Arrange some flowers - the chances are you'll be passing somewhere selling a few blooms, treat yourself dig out a 'vase' and spend a few minutes arranging them around your home. I do this a lot a really love playing with different and unexpected colour combinations.

Start a slow project - I've had some sewing on the go for the last six months, I pick it up do a little bit then put it down again, it's good to have a project with no deadline.

Create a mood board - If you follow me on Instagram then you'll see I've been making little mood boards on a Monday. They are really quick to do and I find they set my week off on a positive track

Quick projects - On the opposite end of the slow project spectrum are quick projects. I keep a list and set full supplies gathered and ready to go for when I have a spare bit of time to make my current favourite projects are candle making and speedy jewellery making like this agate ring or hoop earrings

Have a wonderful weekend xx 


  1. Nice tips. I do some of those already. I almost always have a slow project on the go, usually crochet. Photos are a handy one too.
    Have a lovely weekend!


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