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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

There are exciting changes happening here, the second part of our home renovations have begun. The process of finding a builder and getting the work started has happened relatively quickly - I cannot wait to have the final rooms finished, useable and not have random stuff everywhere. Like last time I find focusing on the end result the best way to get through the initial chaos, I'm really excited to get all the treasures I have stashed away out on display.

As I've mentioned before at{mine} is my favourite place to look for real life home inspiration. I'm really keen to work on the way I display my stuff around the house - everything on the walls has either been there since we moved in or propped up in a temporary home. As our needs at home have changed I feel its time for the rooms to reflect the changes and give everything a shake up. 
image - Claire Carlos
I love the mix of cushions and framed pictures in the top two pictures. Both different in style I really like how they have been clustered asymmetrically and tie in with the cushions below. I'm really not a neat and orderly person when it comes to hanging prints on the wall so these both really appeal to me.
Ihavethisthingwithplates, plates are an addiction of mine and I'd really love to get more of them out on display as I normally buy them for the colours. I wouldn't think to put them in a bedroom but I like it!
I'm really loving clusters of items at at the moment - I really like the mix of vases and natural treasures in this image.
I've brought this rug for my lounge as the current one is on the grotty side and I'm thinking of changing the room slightly by adding a picture shelf. There are hardly any photo's around the place so would like a ledge to increase the surface display area and perhaps a few new frames and cushions wouldn't go a miss! 

There's a round up of all my home renovation posts here and a kitchen before and after post here


  1. Amazing decoration of rooms. Only this type of decoration provide charming look to our houses. you have given me amazing idea that how to decorate our rooms. thanks for this wonderful post.


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