Styling The Seasons - March Review

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sorry for being a bit late with selecting my Styling The Seasons favourite for March, the month ran away with me and I completely lost track of days. This month I loved Teri from The Lovely Drawer's calm and relaxing bedroom space. March for me was a mix of being really chilled out followed by panic that I was getting nowhere fast, Teri's post popped up just when I  needed a reminder to calm down. I love the flowers hanging on the wall, the soft cosy details and of course the beautiful light streaming through the windows.

Thanks as always to everyone who has joined in, you can read all the posts for the month below. I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with April's post.


  1. Lovely blog and you have an amazing style:-) Looking for a trendy & affordable bead supplier? Have a look at for beads, pendants and accessories. XXX Fleur, Prettypretty UK

  2. Aww only just seen this! Thanks lovely and really enjoying your one for this month! xx


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