Styling The Seasons - April

Monday, 4 April 2016

Whilst my styling might be a little on the haphazard side at the moment, the meaning behind each months post means more to me than ever. Being on maternity leave and out of a grey office environment means I can actually appreciate the subtle changes of seasons that happen on a daily basis. April is a time of rejuvenation, after Easter I'm filled with anticipation (and chocolate) for summer and all the positivity warm months bring. 
 Last month I wrote that our house renovations had come to a stand still but this month plans have come back to life. The house is currently surrounded in scaffolding ready for a re- render and paint, we've been talking to the builder to get the final rooms finished and spend any spare sunny moment out in the garden digging up weeds, sorting the vegetable patch and planting seeds. Even though we've lived in the house for nearly two years its finally beginning to feel like our home. 
 It's my seeds which are the inspiration the month, I have them everywhere! I start them in the downstairs loo and then move them to the kitchen window bench where I can keep an eye on them. I love seeing how much they're growing and get so excited about being able to plant them outside in a month or so's time. I spend a lot of time looking through seed catalogues and working out what I can realistically grow and what will hopefully flourish so I can have flowers all summer long. These are just a small selection of my sweet peas and nasturtiums, the fuchsia and  primrose were a presents from my mum. 
I've kept everything in terracotta pots which I found when we moved in, I'd love a whole selection of them big and small to scatter around the garden. After my trip to Suffolk I'm really into gathering natural elements like flowers and plants with candles onto vintage plates, I really like the contrast of earthy terracotta mixed with the really pretty floral designs. That and the fact that my plate collection is getting somewhat out of hand and I want to use them on a more regular basis. Even though I can't wait to get my plants outside I'm really enjoying having the outside inside.

Styling The Seasons is a monthly project run by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and myself. Each month we invite you to style a surface in your home to reflect what the month means to you. Share your images on your blog or on any social media platform using the #StylingtheSeasons hashtag.


  1. The terracotta and floral plate combination is really pretty and one I wouldn't have thought of.

  2. HA! This sounds like our home! My husband has little trays of seeds starting off all over the place. I got a bit cross recently as I found them in our smart sitting room — the ONLY place that I can get a little bit of calm, grown up, peace. That said, it's in the conservatory but sitting amongst the trays of seedlings, I felt a bit like I was sitting in a greenhouse.

    Funnily enough, gardening is one of the main themes for my styling the season's post this month. This is a lovely post Charlotte :) #StylingTheSeasons


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