DIY - simple supermarket bouquets

Friday, 22 April 2016

For todays post I want to show you a very simple way of creating simple bouquets from supermarket flowers. In a dream world I'd buy florist flowers all the time but sadly my budget doesn't allow, these flowers make a great alternative and as summer progresses I'll be adding my homegrown blooms into the mix.

A few months ago I took a flower arranging course at Hyde Hall my local RHS garden. I really enjoy flowers (growing, photographing and buying) and usually add a bunch in with my shopping. Since Stanley was born I haven't had much time away from him as he refusing any kind of bottle. Therefore anytime I do spend away from him as to be totally worthwhile and fairly close to home. The course was great as not only did I learn some really useful flower arranging skills, I got four hours of none baby time to do something creative. 

Here is what I remembered/picked up during my day, florists look away everyone else read on..!
First select your flowers, you want a mix of solid flowers like the carnations and germini and soft flowers like tulips and daisies. I normally find Gerbera's really annoying but loved the colour of these Germini's, if these weren't available I probably would have used roses instead. Carnations are a weakness of mine I love their kitschness and the colour range is amazing (I always try to get petals with a variant of colours). To add a dash of whimsey I used these daisies that I did buy from the florist, adding just a few special flowers keeps the bouquet looking interesting but overall costs low - the total for four mini bouquets was ten pounds.  
Now strip the stems and separate your flowers into piles. I did end up taking all the leaves off my tulips, you'll be surprised how much easier it is to arrange with all the leaves removed. I didn't end up using the foliage, it looked too heavy.
Now start to arrange your bunch. Start with a solid stem like the carnation and then lay the next stem across at an angle. Keep the flowers loosely between your thumb and forefinger and start to build the bouquet adding stems at an angle creating a spiral. I work in an anticlockwise direction but a clockwise direction might suit you better.

Make sure you mix the flowers as you go adding hard and soft blooms. Then general rule is to use odd numbers of each, I had to cheat slightly as I didn't have enough to use three in each bouquet. You can use the spiralling technique to create any size bouquet, I decided to stick with mini bouquets as I wanted to give as Easter gifts. 
When you think you've finished take a look from the top to check everything balances out and you have a good mix of flowers.
When you're happy tie the stems with string or twine and then cut the stems to a hands width. If you're giving these as a gift in a vase you might need to cut the stems shorter so they fit sungly inside a vase. Talking of vases I went for a classic jam jar but you could use a fancier vase and incorporate as part of the gift. 
I LOVE getting and giving flowers as gifts and whilst I know the lifespan of them can be limited they make me and my home much happier. This technique is so versatile as you can make bouquets in any scale and for any occasion from table settings at home through to a huge bridal bouquet. Have a great weekend and happy making! x 


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