DIY - Rose gold hoop & semi precious stone earrings

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The older Stanley is getting the less time I have for making so here is a very quick tutorial for some gorgeous Rose Gold Hoop and Semi Precious Stone Earrings. This year I feel my jewellery making focus is on speedy makes that still make you feel special. After discovering Kernow Craft over Christmas I'm really into spending my craft budget on quality materials like these semi precious stones. For this tutorial I couldn't resist the delicate blue of these Tanzanite stones or the turquoise of these Amazonite briolettes . Rose gold is another favourite of mine and I'm really pleased to be working it into as many projects as I can (see bracelets here). I hope you give this tutorial a try, I promise it doesn't take long at all. 
You'll need -  Rose gold hoops, Tanzanite, Amazonite or any other semi precious stone in a droplet shape (keep them smaller than 1cm if you can for the same effect), Rose gold head pins or wire if you have it.
Step 1. If using headpins snip the flat end off with wire cutters. Thread your stone onto the wire so it sits in the centre. Fold the wire over the point of the teardrop and then bend one end over to 90 degrees (see left bead). If you can try and put the horizontal wire behind the vertical wire. 

Take a pair of chain nose pliers and hold the wire in between the teeth right where the wires cross at the top of the bead. Take the very end of the horizontal wire and wrap it tightly around the vertical wire two or three times, snip off the excess wire but keep the vertical wire as is. I always wrap my wire in an anticlockwise direction with the horizontal wire coming over the vertical wire. 
Step 2. Create a loop. Hold the end of the vertical wire between the nose of the round nose pliers, make sure the end of the wire is flush to the top of the pliers. Turn the pliers away from you creating a loop, when you can't turn anymore take the pliers out reinsert and turn again to finish the loop.
Step 3. Thread stones onto hoops.

See, I promised you it was a simple one! I've been wearing my Tanzanite ones since January and can't wait to wear the beautiful Amazonite version now that we're officially in BST. Any questions please give me a shout if not happy making! x


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