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Friday, 12 February 2016

My favourite activity at the moment is meal planning, I sit down on a Sunday see what's left in the fridge and work out what we're eating for the following week. With my very generous maternity pay ending this month, meal planning helps with budgeting but also ensures that we're eating good fresh food. I love seeing what recipes people use on a regular basis (I'm a little obsessed with Rachel's meal planning posts) here are some of my recent good cooks.

Ratatouille - I normally cook this on Mondays if we've had a heavy food weekend. It makes about five portions so I normally freeze and make the extra into pasta sauce.

Better than baked beans and wedges - I do mine in my slow cooker and they taste amazing.

Rocket Pesto - I bought some pre made courgette  and butternut squash spaghetti and found this incredible pesto to go with it. It made about 8 servings so I ate it all week but it was so delicious. I served it with this crunchy garlic chicken and it was a good day.

Tom Kha Soup - This is a real favourite, I sometimes do without lemongrass if I can't find any and as I don't like mushrooms only use a few and add more veg. I also use udon noodles.

Butternut Squash Lasagne - This is a good one and is best made a day in advance. It makes six portions so I freeze the extra portions for days when cooking isn't happening. I also use gluten free lasagne sheets as I'm trying to reduce my wheat intake at the moment.

I have such a sweet tooth and desperately crave a boost mid afternoon. I guess if I'm eating something sweet I might as well make it myself, these recipes are too good not to share.

Clementine Cake - This is so delicious and gets better day by day - it last for a whole week as its huge!

Slow Cooker Rice Pudding - This is like eating heaven, I add a fresh vanilla pod and its so good. I eat it for breakfast.

Apple Cake - Still a favourite, I think this is becoming my signature.

Got any favourite recipes to share - I'd love to hear them?


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