Styling The Seasons - January

Friday, 8 January 2016

I think January is my favourite month, I love how unassuming it is after the razzmatazz of Christmas. It's only through Styling The Seasons that I've worked this out! I've opted for a quiet start to the year, working my way through the piles of clutter that have gathered over the last few months. I began with my craft area (soon to be pictured) and my dressing table which I have captured here. Out went the old lipsticks I've held onto for way too long, kirby grips now have a proper home and ugly deodorant cans put away (why don't they make toiletries prettier?). Everything is much cleaner and the whole space is only filled with things I love.

I've always been fascinated by dressing tables. When I was a fashion designer (true story that was my actual job) I remember reading a trend report looking at dressing tables around the world - I love what they say about a person. As I'm currently figuring out motherhood having a space to call my own is so important. I've only kept out my me essentials which after much sorting are jewellery, perfume and a few dishes I've collected on my travels. I've packed away most of my large necklaces and displayed my tiny necklaces. The pink salt dish is from Es Trenc and I have a little ring box from CatBird in Brooklyn which I love. I'm not hugely sentimental but I like to have reminders of my favourite places and trips around me.
Of course I couldn't resist some fresh flowers, after Christmas everything feel so bare. I'm trying to declutter this year but have to confess I love the thrill of buying nice things. Instead of adding to my piles of stuff I'll treat myself to a few bunches of flowers instead when that shopping urge strikes - plants not possessions will be my new motto for 2016!

Styling The Seasons is a monthly project run by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and myself. Each month we invite you to style a surface in your home to reflect what the month means to you. Share your images on your blog or on any social media platform using the #StylingtheSeasons hashtag. 


  1. These photos are absolutely beautiful. I have a dressing table now after 6 years of not having one but it's not nearly as loved or styled as yours!

    1. Thanks so much Naomi - it was looking very unloved before I styled it this month! x

  2. I have longed for a proper 'grown up' dressing table for years now. One day we'll have a house with space for one! I'm totally with you re the clutter — those kirby grips get everywhere don't they? January is such a perfect time for a good clear-out #StylingTheSeasons


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