DIY - Nailed Edge Floating Shelf

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

I've been busy this past few weeks, sorting and tidying sad neglected areas of my home. The saddest of all has to have been my craft area. After a few heavy months of Christmas crafting my making space was a complete jumble of glitter, paper and jewels and not in an inspiring way either. My previous shelf set up was a rushed job and felt a bit 'meh', when Homebase got in touch to see if I could write a shelving tutorial I knew that this area was going to get a much needed overhaul. I've kept it as simple as possible so that anyone with limited DIY tools, time and ability can give it a try.
Materials - Homebase value pine floating shelf (I couldn't find mine online but bought in store) this would be a good alternative, white chalk paint, galvanised felt nails.

Tools - General purpose saw, drill, paint brush, ruler, pencil and spirit level

Step 1. If you are cutting your shelf to size, decide how long you want it (mine was 90cm) and cut the excess of with a saw. Make sure you divide the amount you are reducing the shelf  by in half and take that measurement off each end. This shelf comes with predrilled holes for fixing to the wall which is why you want to keep the distance equal either end.
Step 2. Paint the shelf, I did three coats per side. A tip from my Dad - raise the shelf from the surface when you are painting to stop the paint pooling at the edges. I only found this out after I painted!!!
Step 3. Start to hammer your nails. I marked where I was going to hammer each nail before I started hammering - ideally you want these to be in the centre as possible, a few of mine were wonky but I think it gives it a bit of a Moroccan feel! I used a spirit level to make sure the distance between my nails was even, you can use anything you have to hand, a book, piece of wood etc.

Step 4. Put your shelf on the wall. I simply followed the instructions that came with the shelf, they were really easy to follow. All fixtures and fitting were included so it was really quick to put up and solved my usual problem of finding the right size screw/wall plug which happens every time I try and put something on the wall.

I love my new space it feels so clean and fresh. I'm going to have to put back some of my other craft essentials this afternoon but really love the way my table is clutter free and I have an inspiring 'blank page' to start the new year with.

Thanks to Homebase for sponsoring this post. DIY, photography and styling are all my own


  1. Love the look of this shelf, so simple too

  2. Love the look of this shelf, so simple too


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