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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Gift wrapping is bittersweet  for me this year, I was asked to be in the gift wrapping competition for  Kirsty's Handmade Home but couldn't make filming due Stanley's arrival. Nevermind, it hasn't dampened my gift wrapping enthusiasm but I do look at the adverts shouting "that should have been me!!!" - I'm (slightly) joking of course! For this seasonal instalment I've gone for a classic white paper base with metallic accents in mainly copper and silver. Metallics are perfect for this time of year - fairy lights make everything extra sparkly, here are a few ideas to get you inspired. 
I always gather my materials into a pile so I can see the colours, I never use anything particularly fancy just what I have in my craft cupboard. I have a stash of plain tags in white and brown, multiple colour sequins (try places like Poundland for bulk colours), a selection of trims (wrapping is a great way to use up left overs) and random materials like this copper sheeting and balsa wood.  
Copper stamped tags - I'm so happy with these tags they are my new favourite! I wrapped the gift using white pearlised wrapping paper. I stamped my message onto copper foil using a hammer. You can find the stamps here and copper foil here. I then stuck the message onto a white luggage tag using double sided tape and layered it onto a brown luggage tag in a slightly larger size. To finish the parcel I wrapped an additional strip of copper around the gift and tied a simple piece of cord, I frayed the ends to make it bow like. 
Balsa wood tags - Balsa wood is a new find in my local stationery shop and I love its potential (if you can't find any then thick card would work as well). I was painting so gave the wood a light wash of white paint then added some silver leaf (because I'm addicted). If you don't have silver leaf then a quick wash of silver paint or glitter will do the trick - you want to be able to see the grain of the wood. I then cut a rectangle shape from one piece and a star shape in the other, I used a star cookie cutter to get my shape. I made a whole in the top and threaded some string to tie together. For my parcel I gathered a spare square of organza with some russian hat netting and then fastened everything with cotton lace trim, I found mine in the charity shop but most haberdasheries sell similar. I really like the contrasts of textures here and if you're giving a small gift it makes the package feel more substantial and oh so pretty. 
Pom Pom and Sequin Tassels - Lets be honest most parcels don't come in perfect boxes. For this 'awkward' candle shape I used a thick tissue like paper I picked up in local gift shop (you of course can use regular tissue paper). I cut a square, placed the candle upright in the centre and pleated the tissue around the cylinder shape fastening with a twist of wire. I added sequins at intervals to another length of wire and wrapped around the gathered part and then tied on some pom poms. This is so quick to do and works for all those irregular shaped presents like wine and bubble bath. Wire makes wrapping so easy, I always use so much of it at Christmas time. 

 I really hope this inspires you to look through your craft supplies and make your wrapping extra special this year. Happy wrapping! x

For more wrapping ideas take a look a my pretty spring wrapping and colourful wrapping both would work just as well for Christmas.


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