simple christmas crackers

Monday, 14 December 2015

Following my West Elm table I wanted to share with you a simple Christmas Cracker update. I made a variation of these last year and couldn't wait to share them with you all this year. Any celebration around a table at this time of year feels plain wrong without a cracker in the mix. To make the humble cracker extra special I like to jazz up them by adding personalised gifts and treats and in this case giving the outers a rustic twist to coordinate with my table decor. Its really simple here's how I did it. 

You'll need - Basic crackers (I got mine from Aldi for £2.99 but Poundland do them too), brown paper (I used the paper from my West Elm glasses) or thin wrapping paper to match your decor, fabric or ribbon, gifts and sweets for the inside.

Step 1. Take a cracker from the box and open completely. Draw around the outside creating a rectangle shape (you want to draw around the widest parts). Cut out as many rectangles you need. 

Step 2. Decorate, if you want to that is! I added tiny dots of gold glitter to the edge of mine. Leave to dry completely. If you're really pushed for time use a glue gun and glitter. 

Step 3. Add your gifts - you can have loads of fun with this and make them really personal. I'll be adding nail polishes, vintage scarves and hand made bracelets to mine as well pretty sweets and a few extra sparkles. 

Step 4. Wrap the paper around the outside of the cracker and then tie ribbon or fabric at the dip. My fabric was approx. 35cm x 8cm but this will vary depending on your cracker.

Bang! Now all you need to do is lay the table and let celebrations commence.


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