How to lay a Christmas table

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Before Christmas is here I want to share one last post. Setting the table is my Christmas 'job'  and one I take seriously but absolutely love doing. I think it's important to make an effort when you have people over, it doesn't have to be complicated just elevated from the everyday. Here's how I put my West Elm Christmas table together but I use the same principles throughout the year (you can see my Spring table here and Summer table here).

Step 1. Clear all the everyday stuff out the way no one wants to sit amongst the gas bills when you're celebrating. Then add a table cloth, I finally bought a white linen cloth for my table. I really recommend buying one, it creates a nice blank canvas for all the other details and works all year round. I found mine in Homesense but H&M do affordable versions (like this one).

If you're adding a runner then add to the centre of the table. 

Step 2. Add plates, cutlery, napkins and glassware. The best wedding present (apart from love!) was having a complete dinner service, it might sound dull but these white plates work for all occasions. I have these from John Lewis but would recommend these from Ikea as a cheaper alternative (in fact I have these as my everyday plates). 

I mix where I put the napkin and cutlery, as there's quite a lot happening I put to the left hand side . Napkins are a great way to introduce colour to the table, I love these pink ones from West Elm but also have a great set from Anthropologie and Debenhams (wait until the sales and you can get some real bargains).

I also like to mix my glasses too. A mis-match of vintage glasses always looks pretty as do these coloured cut glasses. Anthropologie and Zara Home always have a fantastic selection which aren't too expensive. 

I added my crackers at this point too but would normally wait until the end, I needed to check I has enough space on the table! 

Step 3. Add your centrepiece, for a big celebration it's good to go all out. I started mine by adding this brass lantern. You want something fairly substantial but not so high you can't see the person opposite. Glass lanterns work really well as they give height but the transparency doesn't block the eye line

Step 4.  Add large flower heads around the lantern, I used a mix of protea's and ornamental cabbages. I placed them around the lantern at random intervals. 

Step 5. Add your medium size flowers or in this case fruit! I used pomegranates, plums and a few dried hydrangea heads. Again scatter these around your flowers. 

Step 6. Now fill in any gaps with small flowers like chrysanthemums in a couple of colours and tealights to ensure there is light along the whole length of the table.

I really hope this inspires you to make your table extra special this year. This is my last post before Christmas so enjoy the celebrations and have a wonderful few days. Lots of love xx


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