DIY - patchwork cushions

Friday, 4 December 2015

If you hoard tiny bits of fabric then this is a tutorial for you. Over the last eighteen months I have been making huge patchwork lampshades using fabrics from old swatch books. I love the process of selecting the colours and patterns that work together. Due to the curvy shape of the lampshades I usually have plenty of patched fabric spare once I'm finished. As I can't throw fabric away (it's a problem) I have been whizzing these patchwork cushions together with my remnants.

I haven't done a step by step so i'll talk you through the best I can.

With your fabric scraps create a patchwork. I cut my odd shaped pieces into rectangles or squares so they fit together easier. A professional would say use a ruler but I always do mine by eye hence a few wonky lines, which I like!

Using a sewing machine stitch your pieces together using a simple running stitch. I create long panels which I then sew together to create a square. Press all seams outwards.

Measure your cushion inner - I buy luxury cushions from The Range - cut you square to the same measurements. I like a really full pillow so adding a seam allowances makes it too saggy for my liking.

Cut a plain piece of fabric the same size for the back. If you like you could insert a zip or create an envelope back. If you decide to use either of these then I'd back the patchwork fabric with iron on interfacing or lining fabric to hide the joins of the patches.

If you're using my method then put fabric front sides facing and pin together. Leave a gap along one side to insert your cushion and stitch together.

Turn the cushion the right way round, making sure your corners are pushed out. insert the cushion and hand stitch the opening together.

I added tassels to the corners of one of my cushions and added ribbon scraps during the patchwork process to others.
Uniform neat making is never my thing and never knowing what the end result is going to be is part of the thrill with these! They are a perfect make for winter nights and also make very good and inexpensive gifts for your loved ones. Happy making! x


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