Winter wishes

Saturday, 7 November 2015

I feel like I've sampled winter in a week this past seven days. It started last weekend with a huge wardrobe clear out (which felt amazing!) followed by atmospheric walks in the fog, having best friends round for a cosy mid-week lunch and unfortunately it was rounded off by a nasty stomach bug. Lying in bed I got to thinking of all the things I'm looking forward to in the next few months, in true blogging style here's a list

Christmas crafting - I'm gathering project piles at rapid speed. I can't wait to make Stanley a stocking, get creative with advent calendars and try some new wrapping ideas. I've discovered balsa wood in my local stationery shop and I keep thinking of different ways I can use it!

Winter walks by the sea - now my days are free from commuting I can make the most of the best days. Winter by the sea is my favourite, the sea air and incredible skies never get dull and its so peaceful without too many tourists around.

Baking - I haven't baked a cake for ages so want to try to get back into it. Apple cake reminiscent of my trip to Amsterdam last year is top of my list.

Christmas day trips - Dan and I have started a little tradition of going somewhere Christmasy at the end of November, last year we went to Amsterdam and the year before we visited Copenhagen. With the babe being so small flying is off the cards (for the moment) so we'll go somewhere close by instead. I'm thinking Cambridge would be a good place, although any recommendations are welcome.

Planting bulbs - I'm not sure if I've missed the boat on this one but I really want to get tulips and daffodil bulbs planted, there was a definite lack of them last spring and if i'm going to recreate Monet's garden then I need to get going!

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If you're interested the dish is Sophie Conran and tea lights all Ikea


  1. You could go to Bruges. It is the perfect little spot at Christmas time. You can get the Eurostar to Brussels and the ticket covers travel to any city within Belgium (within 24 hours). They have Christmas markets, you can get mulled wine and eat all the yummy food.

  2. How funny, we always go away at the end of November too! It's our anniversary around that time; we've been to Bath, Edinburgh and this year Cambridge. :) Maybe see you there. ;) xx

  3. Great idea Michelle, Bruges is so Christmasy. We've put on the list for next year.

    Happy anniversary Leanne, we might bump into each other. You've been to some lovely places so far. xx


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