letting go

Thursday, 19 November 2015

I promised my best friends that I wouldn't turn my blog into a baby blog and I intend to stick to that promise, that said having a baby has been the biggest change to ever happen to me (obvs) and it has directly effected my creativity (in a good way). It's been such a crazy experience and want record it  and share my experiences here on my blog, not all the time just once in a while. What I have found out so far, isn't what I expected at all...

Most new mama's I speak to, talk about the sleep depravation being the biggest hurdle they have to overcome but for me the biggest hurdle I've found is letting go. My whole life I've been a planner, I love a good schedule and a deadline - they've always kept me motivated and feeling like I'm getting somewhere. Since my schools days, throughout university and as I've moved into managing adult things like jobs and home renovations a plan has made me feel safe - I like knowing that everything will work out ok if I plan ahead. Spontaneous, I am not.

Since Stanley's arrival I've just had to let everything go - being on time, forget it, answering emails, as and when, housework, if I feel like it (napping is always preferable!). It's taking a while to get my head around it but I am and I feel so free. I get to make the most of everyday, if the sun shines we go for walks taking detours down roads I've never been and if it rains we stay in and get cosy. Most exciting is the fact that my ideas are coming back, this year I've felt my ideas have become a bit stale and dry as a result of over scheduling and not having the time to let my mind wander. I'm letting old ideas and projects that I never got around to making or sharing go and getting ready to embrace the new. In a way its taking me back to the original intention of my blog which is to share quick projects for busy makers.

As Stanley grows I know my time will be pulled in different directions and there will be limits as to what I can do but for once I'm ready to just go with it.


  1. I was just the same! And if you're the kind of person who likes to be organised and know where you stand, having a baby is a BIG adjustment. But, like you said, a good one. It forces you to roll with the punches better, be more spontaneous, need less order in your life. And it means that those times you do have to get things done become way more productive and efficient than they used to be. Having said all that, there comes a time when you finally feel you're coming up for air and instead of drowning in life you're sailing on the flow of it again, and I have to tell you that it feels really good! (I have three children!)

  2. Thats good to know Katie, some days I think I have it mastered other days not so much. I'm just going with it and loving every minute (mostly ;-) ) x

  3. I am such a different person pre-children to post children and it took me a lot longer than it has with you to have the letting go epiphany. I was a planner, an organiser, a project manager and the world marched to the beat of my drum. then along came this little screamy cute bundle and he certainly did not! I fought against it for the longest time and sometimes I still do, but I learned the hard way. My life now is different, not worse, just transformed and I am much more create thanks to that transformation. Oh that was a ramble and I may not be a regular commenter, but I always come and read and follow you on Instagram, Oh and I don't mind baby spam at all!


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