Styling The Seasons - October

Thursday, 1 October 2015

For this months Styling The Seasons I have a new surface to style - exciting stuff. I recently bought this amazing stripped pine and glass cupboard from my cousin and I love it, its taller than me (5ft 5in - I think) and about a metre wide. It's so nice I don't want to put anything in it! Instead I focused on the top adding a few prints that I've been saving plus a few extra bits and pieces I've been gathering. The only trouble was getting to the right height to photograph everything - heavily pregnant and precariously balanced on a table don't make for the best photos, apologies! 
I don't find October the most inspiring of months, I miss the brightness of summer yet the anticipation and sparkle of Christmas still feels far away.  I had to dig deep to find out what the month means but as I write this with one over due baby still wriggling away in my belly, October has to be about family.  It's been two years and few days since Dan and I got the keys for our house and we've spent nearly every weekend or any spare moment making improvements creating a home for a family we hoped to have. Now that the house is under control and no longer leaking its feels strange to be waiting for the next stage of our lives start, I have no idea what to expect from here on in. 
Inspired by family I've chosen prints given to me by my youngest sister. The Ham rabbit print was a Christmas present (I love rabbits, they're my favourite animal FYI), this print reminds me of my cat Rosie the day we got her and our old family bunny. The second print which you can only just see is of our beloved family cat which sadly passed away this year, being a very talent graphic desiger (she did my logo) she designed and printed it herself. I love that it's printed in navy and not black.

I have quite a collection of paintings from my mum and sisters, I'm really lucky to have such a talented family around me. Whenever I go to my mums there's always some kind of craft activity going on, lately I've been playing with acrylic and silk paints. We've always been encouraged to use our creativity and make a mess, this is something I really hope I can pass onto my children. I always feel a bit sad when I hear people discouraging their children from painting or doing messy activities - using your hands and getting grubby is so much fun, I think I'll be the first one with my hands in the paint and glitter! 
I'm not normally one for dark colours but I couldn't resist this tea pot from the charity shop, I really like these colours, they remind me of a bowl with the most beautiful roses on that my auntie has. I added a couple of hydrangea heads from a new plant that I can't wait to see grow. If I was writing another Styling The Seasons post then it'd definitely be about planning the garden for next spring and summer, there's something really hopeful about getting seeds and bulbs ready for the following year. 

Apart from family I guess this month is all about getting ready for the future, for the first time in a long time I'm starting the month with a blank page. 

Styling The Seasons is a joint project between Katy from Apartment Apothecary and myself, each month we invite you to style a surface in your home to reflect what the month means to you. Upload either a post to your blog or an image to any social media site using the hastag #stylingtheseasons so we can see your images. Have a super month. 


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