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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I'm not sure the internet needs another painted furniture post but as I still meet people yet to be converted to giving furniture a spruce with a lick of paint I felt compelled to share. Whether you're renting or buying, moving into a place which is totally unfurnished can be daunting and not to mention extremely expensive. Unless you have all the money or loads of time on your hands it can take a while to find the perfect piece of each room. Over the course of the last year I've saved so much finding furniture on Gumtree, Ebay and secondhand shops and giving it a lick of paint. It might not always be the final furniture solution but whilst I save for more 'forever pieces' painting furniture is a very good compromise.
So onto this cupboard. My mum spotted this in a second hand shop for £15 and it was just what I wanted for my bathroom. I gave it a light sand and removed the legs to get rid of that pine look.

I then painted with Farrow & Ball Pavillion Gray. I spent more time choosing the perfect gray than we did deciding on whether to buy the house. I looked at so many options but decided this is definitely the best soft gray paint colour out there. I used a small roller to give a really smooth finish, I definitely recommend painting all furniture with a roller and using a small brush for the fiddly bits.
As I didn't want to world to see my toiletries I added a very simple sheer curtain to the front panel. It was a remnant from my curtains (post coming soon) and meant the bathroom had some continuity. The measurements were rough,  the width was 1.5 times the glass panel and length was panel length plus 10cm. I folded the top and bottom edge to create a loop and threaded onto wire to fix behind the door. 

I replaced the handle with one I bought in India - places like Zara Home and Anthropologie have a fab selection but you can usually find them in nice independent home shops. 
To finish I added a zinc tray, wire basket and fancy candle to make it feel boutiquey. The tray also stops the top from getting ruined with lotions and potions.

I hope this post gives you a bit of inspiration to transform the dull into something a bit more beautiful. Any questions please ask, happy painting! x


  1. Your cupboard looks very classy - good grey! I have had mixed success with painting furniture and am now lacking confidence. Do you always use Farrow and Ball Matt? Is any undercoat needed?
    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Pamela,

      Oh no, no confidence is no good. I'm impatient so don't use an undercoat but probably should! I use this paint - http://www.farrow-ball.com/pavilion-gray//farrow-ball/fcp-product/100242 . I normally use a matt finish as I don't want a glossy finish.

      Hope this helps x


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