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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Maybe I've been at home too much or maybe it's because the inside of the house looks finished I can start looking at more fun parts of house decorating. There have been big developments to my bedroom, I have a new bed (you can see my before photos here and updates here). It's an old cast iron frame that just needs a a lick of paint and a new mattress. I've drawn up a scale plan of the room and I'm going to change everything around - wooo hooo! BUT the biggest thing I've decided on is that the room definitely needs a sofa. I've gathered up some inspiration and done a little bit of research as to whats available. I'd like something low and soft in a gentle shade of grey or neutral, I'm so excited! Here are my favourites.
Florence Classic Sofa, Love Your Home 

Stocksund Sofa, Ikea (I was recommending this to my friend just the other day) 
Saturday Sofa, Sofa.com

I'm going to have to save for a while or do some serious Ebay searching but the idea is now firmly planted in my head so it's only a matter of time!!! 


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