Styling The Seasons Review - August

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Last week I wrote about what I had learnt from a year of Styling the Seasons for today's round up I wanted to talk about my personal experience as well share my favourites. 

For me Styling The Seasons started way back last April, I had spent a month commuting up to London followed by every weekend stripping varnish from what was then a dark and dismal hallway. It was only when I stepped outside in late April I realised that the seasons had changed and I had completely missed it. Being constantly on the go - balancing a full time job, my blog, projects for magazines, workshops, house renovations left me little time to be mindful and notice what the world was doing around me. From that moment I knew I needed to something to readdress the balance.

Katy and I meet through our projects with Liberty, we spent an evening cooing over their beautiful fabric range and instantly clicked. I had been wanting to collaborate with someone for a while and I just knew Katy was the perfect person. When we met in the park last summer I told her my woes of missing this seasons and together we formed Styling The Seasons.

From the very beginning we wanted the project to be inclusive and open to anyone who wanted to join in. One thing I had found about hashtags was I often missed the day being at work - which is why we kept it open all month. Since launching last September we've had nearly 6000 beautiful entries on Instagram and over 500 blog posts, you can see them all on our Pinterest board. We have also hosted two fabulous events our Crafting the Seasons event at Liberty was a definite pinch me moment and our Wreath Workshop was a morning of complete floral gorgeousness where we had the opportunity to meet so many of our monthly participants.

For me meeting so many inspiring people has been the highlight of the project, I'm continuously telling myself no one wants to hear what I have to say or likes what I do. Having a reason to talk to a community of like minded people is amazing. I've spent so much of my time in a grey office where people just don't understand the joys of Instagram or seasonal flowers having a beautiful world that I can escape into through my phone has got me through some very dull days!

I can't believe it's been a whole year, so much has changed. I've loved working with Katy and learnt so much from her - seeing her transition from teaching to full time blogging has been a really inspiring experience. I've loved working with brands to create such exciting posts, I'm still staggered at the creativity that was generated for our Laura Ashley collaboration back in Feb - see wallpaper post here. Personally for me I've really begun to find my style, this is the the first time I've ever owned a property and I've loved creating a home for myself, Dan, Rosie the cat and hopefully our family to come. Nothing makes me happier than spending time shifting furniture around, hanging shelves and adding flowers to any surface going, my house is definitely my happy place.
So onto my August favourites, this month more than ever I needed everything to be simple. I was finishing up my day job to start maternity leave, co-ordinating new carpets and new to me furniture and well as getting myself mentally prepared (as much as you can) for the arrival of the baby. I loved the simplicity of Julia at Humphrey and Grace's gathered summer finds, I foraged a bunch of fennel last week too. I adored the textures in Jane from Tea with Ruby post it definitely makes me want to add more linen in my life! And because I love yellow and the sun has been lacking lately fell in love with Kelly from Refreshed Designs beautiful yellow cupboard and display.

You can see all the August entries below - a huge thanks to everyone that has joined in so far.

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I'll be back tomorrow with September's post - sorry I'm a day late the bank holiday has thrown me!


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