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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

One thing I have learnt from decorating and living in the house for a year is that I like a splash of colour on my walls. Picking paint colours was one of my favourite parts of decorating, sometimes I was able to pick a colour on the spot, other times I spent a good month or two making sure the colour was perfect. What I did learn was there are different brands for different occasions and rooms here are some brands I have come to love.

Dulux - Ideal for dark rooms 
I think that Dulux paints can get over-looked for fancier counterparts but I really love their soft light reflecting shades. I never pick a colour darker than shade two on the colour chart - personally think they start to look too harsh after that but the soft shades in bright colours are gorgeous. I always go for a satin finish mainly because that's what my dad has always gone for but they work brilliantly and provide long lasting wall cover.

Farrow & Ball - Ideal for light filled rooms 
I really really wanted to dislike Farrow & Ball, even though the colours are beautiful, I always felt they were a bit middle class and too tasteful. After much deliberation I painted my dining room Pavilion Blue and it was love at first brush stroke. Not only does the paint go on walls like a dream, the matt chalky colour makes the room feel really peaceful - sometimes I just sit and admire the walls. I'm completely converted. I know places can colour match but I don't think you can beat the original, I bought all of mine on Homebase 15% off days which makes it more affordable. 

Little Greene - Ideal for a burst of colour
Little Greene is probably my favourite of all paint brands its a joy to work with and I just adore how vibrant the colours are yet have a hint of softness. I've used these paints mainly on furniture like my china cupboard and spare wardrobe (yet to be pictured), the amazing depth each colour has elevates even the dullest piece of furniture. I always apply with a roller to get the smoothest finish. I'm itching to find a project where I can use Trumpet

Homebase White Emulsion - Ideal for when you've spent all your money  
A dull one but essential when doing up a house. We got through 70 litres of this paint, I tried Dulux, Crown and Johnsons before using this one, not only is it the cheapest I think it has the best finish and coverage. 


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