DIY - colourful gift wrapping

Friday, 18 September 2015

Since I've been on maternity leave I feel like my brain has been flooded in technicolour, thoughts and ideas are coming bright and bold. If you're into soft and pale then this might not be the DIY for you! I've been itching to create another gift wrapping post for my blog after my pretty spring wrapping post and finally got around to creating these colourful beauties. 
First I started with the wrapping paper, I couldn't resist this gorgeous Abigail Warner leopard print paper. For some the beginning of autumn is all about rustic and earthy for me its all about shimmering shades of gold and sparkle! I like to use what I have around me and so used up some wallpaper samples with a butterfly design, honeycomb balls picked up in Ikea (their gift wrapping section is getting really good), a watercolour sample card from my sister and of course a selection of ribbons and cords from my stash. 
Honeycomb balls and ribbon scraps - If like me you keep even the tiny scraps of ribbon this is a perfect wrapping idea for you. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the parcel and attach the balls to the ends. I added the largest ball to a separate piece of ribbon and tied to the centre of the ribbon. I then tied in scraps of colourful ribbon, if you are using new ribbon then you'll needs lengths of approximately 15 - 20cm.  
Paper butterflies and pom poms - This is a really simple one I cut around butterfly shapes from a wallpaper sample (try this one for similar shapes/designs). Added a mini pom pom trim around the gift and then stuck the butterflies onto the top using double sided tape in a layered design. 
Watercolour tag and leather tassels - My sister has been busy with watercolours this summer, this was a colour test that I snaffled from her - I just love the bold mix of shapes and colour. I cut an oversized tag and fixed to the gift using cord. To add an additional layer of texture I added some pleather tassels to a small length of mini pom pom trim. This idea is a perfect example of using up what you have to create a really unique wrapping idea. 
Even if bold bright colours aren't your thing I really hope this post inspires you to get a little more creative with your gift wrapping. I can be guilty of giving gifts after the event has happened but I'm never guilty of under wrapping, that's for sure! Happy making! x


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