Styling The Seasons - August

Monday, 3 August 2015

This has to be the sweetest smelling Styling The Seasons post I have ever written - the sweetpeas and jasmine smell amazing - I always knew sweetpeas where pretty but never knew they smelt so good! 

For this months post I have kept everything very simple. August is always bitter sweet for me, I want to hold onto the end of summer for as long as possible before the autumn chills creep in and surround myself in all the summery goodness I can. August is also my last full month before the baby arrives - eek! I'm feeling very pregnant so my creative activities are slowly being curtailed, I'm keeping everything as easy as possible and replacing doing with sleeping. 
I chose to style my bathroom shelf mainly because I get so much comfort for being in the bath these days I thought it'd be good to add some of my favourite flowers in these little hanging jars that I made in a flash a few weeks ago. Not only are they cat proof but they bring a good dash of summer to the room. 

The shelf itself was a Not on the Highstreet purchase and has been more than useful - instead of dropping stuff on the floor I can hang nighties, towels and other bits which keeps the bathroom clutter free. The other luxury of my shelf is having another surface to style with a few favourite bits and pieces, it only needed a few little extra's but they make a lot of difference. The picture is from my Mum, it was intended to be a backdrop for a painting but I liked it the way it was and took it home. The vase is a charity shop find and the coving was all I could salvage from our bathroom renovation
Onto the flowers, my sweetpeas have been the hit of the summer. This being my first year of growing plants from seed, I'm delighted with what I have managed to grow so far and  I'm definitely going to increase the number I sew next year. They have to be the most generous of all flowers, the more you cut the more they grow. I love this mix of flowers the twisty wild stems and mix of leaf shapes makes for some very interesting patterns.

This is our twelfth Styling The Seasons post, which means we have completed a full year. It has been so rewarding and I relish the time I get to focus on the month ahead and give my house a little TLC. We're going full steam ahead for another year so you have plenty of time to join in with Katy and I to style a surface in your home to reflect what the month means to you. We now have over 5,000 entries on our #stylingtheseasons hashtag on Instagram if you need some inspiration.

Have a wonderful month and I can't wait to see your posts and photo's xx 


  1. Lovely pops of colour, enjoy your bath! :)

  2. My only attempt at growing sweet peas was an epic fail. Maybe will try again another year as I do love them. Yours are so cute!!

    1. I tended to them like I would a baby, every night when I got home I'd check their progress!!! I found putting them in pots rather than actual flower beds much better and not so many bugs have got to them.

  3. I love how pretty and serene this is... perfect for a relaxing bath! x

  4. Thanks Ruth, it really is the most calming room in the house. x

  5. when I was a joung girl I spent 6 months in England and between the others I took home a bottle and six cups bought in a carity shop. Well, the bottle is twin-sister of your vase THE SAME. By the way this was back in 1978/79 :(. I found today your blog, very nice and interesting. (forgive my English!)


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