DIY - rope & brooch statement necklace

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I've only got about six weeks before I get a sense that my statement necklaces will become an impractical accessories choice. This does however give me enough time to share this rope and brooch beauty with you all. I made this necklace and taught it as a class back in July, one of my previous students was setting up a weeks art event and asked me to teach which was so kind if her. Not only did it make for one of my most favourites classes these necklaces are really simple to whizz up.
You'll need - 6 lengths of 5mm cord 'rope' approx 70cm long, cord ends, sellotape, 5mm jump rings, lobster clasp, connector chain, E6000 glue, brooches (these were from charity shops & Ebay)

Step 1. Cut 6 lengths of rope to 70 cm. I bought my rope in my local haberdashery, it's a synthetic but looks natural which is what I wanted. Gather all the rope together and fasten tightly with the tape.

Step 2. With your rope in pairs, plait together until you get a length of 45cm. If you want your necklace shorter or longer then stop earlier or keep going. Once happy fasten with tape to secure.

Step 3. The tape ends will be a bit too long for your cord ends, you want the tape to be hidden - trim off any excess. Now add a generous blob of glue to the inside of your cord end, leave to dry for about 30 seconds and carefully place your cord end over the cords. Leave to dry.

Step 4. Cut a length of connector chain approx 5cm long. My necklace had come up a little shorter than I wanted so I made mine 10cm long. Add a small charm or bead to then using a jump ring.

Step 5. Using a 5mm jump ring fix your lobster clasp to the left hand side of the necklace and the piece of connector chain to the right. 

Step 6. Add your brooches! I kept mine paired down and pinned on 3 in matt gold but add as many as you have/like.
The beauty of these necklaces is that you don't need to ruin any brooches in the making process, they can be easily changed if you find new brooches or want to coordinate with a particular outfit. If you're a minimalist then you can easily forgo the brooches for a simple rope base which looks equally lovely. 

I enjoyed teaching this as a class so much, I'm definitely going to add into the classes I teach once I start up again next year. I think this would also make for a great hen party too, especially if everyone came with a brooch for the bride. If you're interested in booking me to teach then drop me a note and we can look at dates for next year. 

Happy making! X

Necklace accessorised with card Rifle Paper Company, brooches Ebay.


  1. Loving this tutorial! I do a lot of DIYs on my blog too, if you would like to check it out, would be so flattered :) Am another UK blogger :) By the way, congratulations on your Amara nomination, that is AMAZING :) Inspiration to the rest of us :) I also do a regular series of best DIY s on the web- would you mind if I used some of your tutorials? It will be credited to you with photo credits and link (I would use 1 photo) Hope to hear from you and, good luck! :)

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