DIY - leather trimmed hanging vase

Thursday, 20 August 2015

I love it when you when you have an idea in your head and it actually works out better in reality, this is how I feel about these leather trimmed hanging jars. I seem to have issues with hoarding jars I just can't let go, I really need to. As a way to preserve my collection I decided to jazz them up with a little leather trim and create a hanging version. They are really quick to make and are perfect for summer flowers or if you have an outside space with added tea lights.
You'll need - Old jars, neutral leather, sam brown fastenings (go for medium), hot glue gun, leather punch (optional)

Step 1. Measure the circumference of your jar and the depth of the neck part (where the lid screws on).

Step 2. Cut a piece of leather to your exact measurements.

Step 3. Fold your leather in half and half again and mark this point. 

Step 4. Using a leather punch or anything sharp make a hole - keep it as centred as possible. Repeat on the other end. Add your sam brown's - I love these, they make everything look so fancy! 

Step 5. Using a hot glue gun, glue the leather around the neck of the bottle. If you can line the sam browns up to where the joins in the jar are even better, it will make everything look much neater.

Step 6. Cut another piece of leather the same depth as the neck and approx. 24cm long. The length can be totally up to you for my short jar the length was 22cm and long jar 27cm, have a play around and see what looks best.

Once happy mark 1.5cm from the end of the leather strip, keep it centred. Punch a hole, I set my punch to no. 4, then cut a tiny line (just a few mm) with a craft knife into the main length of the strip, this will help your leather go over the sam brown. Add the 'handle' to the jar.

I really love these jars and have kept mine full of sweet peas since I made them (see this month's Styling The Seasons). I wanted to be able to use them outside but think I'll have to wait until next year when the garden is in better shape. 


  1. oh such a lovely way to hang jars, really smart and stylish. Thank you Charlotte. x

  2. This is a lovely idea and they look so pretty hanging up. I have collected lots of old jars and it's great to get different ideas on how to use and display them!


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