Out of Office

Monday, 13 July 2015

This year has been so wonderful for my blog, my readers have increased and the opportunities that have come my way have been fabulous. However the last few weeks have been hardwork and I can feel that I am running out of steam. Instead of fighting it I've decided to take a blog holiday, it's a scary thought 'what if no one comes back?!' but its only for a week or two. I really need to recharge and get some energy back so I can bring some of my ideas to life. Already giving myself permission for time off I can feel a buzz of excitement for new projects and ideas I want to try. Have a good few weeks, I'll be back before you know it or most likely on Instagram (@Lottsandlots) if you miss me! xx


  1. 2 weeks won't make much difference when you have the wind behind you (2 months however may do!). Enjoy the break. Will email soon about meeting up when I'm in London in August.

  2. Don't feel bad and enjoy your blog holiday! As a mama to be you've got to listen to your body. I hope you come back feeling refreshed and full of ideas and are keeping well x


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