Styling The Seasons - June with Loaf

Monday, 1 June 2015

There are several material possessions that I have always thought would complete me, a Chanel bag or the perfect pair of leopard heels spring to mind, never ever did I think it would be a humble stool. For June's Styling The Seasons Katy and I have joined up with Loaf to each style a Perch Stool in our own way, there is also a chance for you to win a £50 Loaf voucher, which I'll tell you about in just a mo. I had intended to put this stool in my newly completed bathroom but as soon as I put it together with my new colourful rug from TK Maxx my bedroom finally made sense and the room felt finished at last. 

Onto the competition, style and refresh any surface in your home to represent what the month of June means to you. Post a picture on any social media or blog about it and use the #StylingTheSeasons hashtag. The competition runs the whole of the month June so there is plenty of time for you to join in. Make sure you tag in @loafhome and our favourite entry will win a £50 Loaf voucher - amazing! For ideas and inspiration make sure you check out our Styled Surfaces Pinterest Board.
I feel really optimistic going into June, I spent May catching my breath and getting stuff done. I have been completing rooms that have been niggling since we moved in, focusing on one at a time and not starting another until complete. I have been tidying and sorting, so areas like my desk and by my bed, feel clear again and ideas can flow once more. I released a bit of money from my savings so I have been enjoying buying and adding all the little details that make a room feel homely. I think my bedroom especially has benefitted.  I've also taken a massive lesson in learning what I can't change about myself. I've had a pile of magazines beside my bed since I was about 13, instead of fighting the piles, I'm embracing and making an effort to keep them neatly stacked rather than hidden away.
Over the past month I have spent more time in my bedroom than any other room, I have been ill which meant a week in bed and as my bump is getting bigger I'm trying to take it easier having more naps on weekends or working from bed on Mondays when I feel a bit off. The more I'm here the more it love it, the green of the trees outside makes me so happy and the constant sunlight is always welcome. I have learnt that working with a minimal palette of white and grey just doesn't work for me - I love it in pictures but in reality I need to be surrounded by plenty of colour. The more colours I added to the room the better it felt so have surrounded myself with bits and pieces collected on my travels plus my sizable jewel collection which I use to decorate any spare surface.
This stool has been the perfect addition to the room, it replaced the chair I originally had in its place and is the ideal height for my nightly glass of water and bedside collections. I couldn't resist adding flowers to this post, I'm hoping the cat (who is strongly against vases of flowers) will be tricked by this new vase, I picked up in a charity shop, into leaving alone. The flowers are all from the garden and most I have grown in the last year, the mauve rose smells particularly amazing. I have been thinking about buying this shelving unit now I have successfully tested the colour (and quality, which I am so impressed with) I'm definitely going to make a purchase, if a stall can complete me think what a shelving unit will do! 

Make sure you hop on over to Katy's blog to see how she has styled her stool - I know it'll be so good! I can't wait to see your entries this month and good luck for the competition. 

Styling The Seasons is a monthly series hosted by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and myself, style any surface in your home to reflect what the month means to you and upload you your blog or any social media channel to using the hashtag #StylingTheSeasons so we can see it.  

A huge thanks to Loaf for supporting this months Styling The Seasons.


  1. So, so pretty! You've got a couple of years before those magazines become 'colouring books' for tiny hands waving crayons around ;)

  2. Garden flowers are the best :) and I love your colour palette here, I think there is just enough brightness to be invigorating but the white walls and bleached wood keep it calm. Seems like a lovely room to work from! xx


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