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Friday, 19 June 2015

It's been a while but I'm back to show you the final details and DIY's I have added to my bedroom to give it some sense of completion. I'm still not totally happy with it but need to remember that the objective of this room was to make it clean and habitable, which we've done. Unlike some of the other rooms in the house it lacks a focal point which means everything feels a bit floaty (if that makes sense!). I'd love to add picture rails and ceiling roses like the downstairs rooms and also restore the fireplace but this won't be for a few years as there are still sensible jobs we need to do. I haven't paid more than £30 for any of the updates so I hope if you're on a budget like me you might get a few idea's along the way to help save a few pennies.
The room is large so anything too subtle gets easily lost - I added really bright colourful cushions to the bed, this is probably the easiest and quickest update. These are from a mix of Ikea (pink velvet), TK maxx (turquoise) and H&M (small pink). None were over £10 and really make the bed area feel much more full. For those that live with a boy, don't ask them if they like pink or want pink cushions - I think they are hardwired to reject one of the most versatile colours based on childhood experiences. Just casually add to the room and they won't notice, Dan's favourite cushion is the big pink one but Ikea do have it in a nice grey if there is too much of a fuss. 

I bought the bedspread whilst in India for about £20 but would love to add one of these kantha quilts at some point. The print I bought from Etsy, the colours are great and reflect all the other colours in the room - one day I'd like to get a real painting but for now this is perfect. I framed using a large Ribba frame from Ikea.
As rugs are such an expense I was really happy to find this one in TK maxx for £30, it ties in perfectly with the picture and fills the large expanse of nothing by the bed. Its definitely worth looking in TK Maxx if you're after a bargain, they always seem to have a great choice if you're not looking for anything specific (just make sure you know what measurements you need). 

As I enthused about in this months Styling The Seasons post the stool from Loaf is a perfect addition to the room. I love how simple it and practical it is and makes the whole area feel much calmer than the chair that I had in its place previously. So far I've managed to keep it clutter free and tame some of my magazines and books.
The ribbon 'chandelier' is one of my favourite additions. The light came with the room and was originally heavy black metal, I removed the glass shades and spray painted with a couple of coats of white paint. I then added colourful silk ribbons from VV Rouleux and vintage chandelier drops, purchased in various flea markets around the world. It might seem extravagant to use silk ribbon but the depth of colours they come in are so much nicer than standard polyester ribbons and silk is much easier to thread through tiny holes. If you can't find silk ribbon try vintage or using colourful cords instead and search for chandelier drops on Ebay if you not going to a flea market anytime soon.
My driftwood shelf has been an internet favourite, you can see the original tutorial here. As it currently stands I have a framed vintage flamingo decal and beaded flamingo both presents from my sister, the combo makes me smile every time I look at it. 
I love this framed hanky, found in a local antique shop. I framed using the same method as I did in my dining room - mounted onto a piece of mount board and added to a frame from Ikea. Framing fabric is one of my favourite ways to add colour and texture to a room, prints are great but I really l enjoy having something 3D to look at. Large pieces of fabric are often much cheaper than prints or paintings and if you search markets and charity shops on a regular basis you can find some real gems - I found really kitsch map of Greece when I was in Paris that I can't wait to put somewhere. 

I've been reading The New Bohemians and am really inspired to keep mixing and adding to the room. I added these metal hearts Dan gave me for Christmas they're originally from Mexico but were bought in Kitsch Kitchen in Amsterdam.

In total I've spent £150 on furniture (two wardrobes, one chest of drawers, one side table and a chair) and around the same on furnishings and accessories. Whilst its not my absolute dream room I do have the time to start looking for pieces of furniture that I love and want to keep forever - sometimes you have to accept things for what they are. I'm not moving for a very long time so looking forward to the room developing over time, finding treasures as I go. Have a super weekend. x

PS - You can see the before photo's of the bedroom here and the whole house here


  1. What beautiful windows, do they open out onto your garden? I just had a look at your before pics and you've done an amazing job so far! The room looks so bright and airy. I'm in the same boat as you of needing to slowly amass the right furniture, it's frustrating to not be able to complete the whole room in one go but it's fun to change things up as something new comes along! Love your framed vintage hanky - I need to do that with some embroideries!

  2. Thanks Ruth! The door used to open onto a fire escape which we also removed - no it is firmly locked but we hope to get a Juliet balcony added one day. I'm so glad you're in the same boat as me, it can be frustrating when you know what you want something to be like in your head but it takes a while to get there. Good luck! x x

  3. Those simple cushions make the bed more inviting


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