DIY - Paper Flower Name Badges

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Finally some kind of DIY! I've been waiting to share these sweet flower name tags I made for our Styling The Seasons spring wreath making event. I won't pretend they were really quick to put together, they're not but they were so worth it. I think they would be fab for a wedding, special party or dinner, if you make them in batches well ahead if time they are a joy to make.

I used my favourite book - Paper to Petal - as a reference guide for the flower shape. I used the tutorial on page 196 but added an additional petal and didn't use wire as the centre gave enough body to work with.

To prep the colours of the petals I used a roll of crepe paper and cut widths of 5cm . I found cutting widths from a roll the cheapest way to buy the paper, you could use pre cut rolls but I couldn't find any when I was out gathering supplies. I then mixed a very light solution of water with a few drops of pink ink to get a really soft blossomy pink colour. I did a few test colours before I started as I wanted to get the colour just right. From there I just dipped my roll of paper in the water/ink solution for a few seconds and then carefully unrolled the paper, I wanted more depth to my colours so painted a few lines of pink watercolour paint along the top edge (keep it really watery) and splattered a few specks of paint too - I wanted a really dappled effect. I repeated the above with the yellow and green. I left to dry for a couple of hours.
Once everything was dry I started assembling - I was making 25 so found it better to pre cut all petals and centres and just work through. This did take a while but was strangely therapeutic and I loved seeing the flowers multiply.
It had got dark by the time I came to finishing so have recreated the final step for you! I used a textured string to cover the tape, I used a glue gun to fix the string in place and went for something quite rustic to offset the sweetness of the flowers. I then cut leaf shapes and stuck them to a luggage tag before adding the flower - I used hot glue throughout for this step. To finish I wrote names onto the tags, I always use these Tombow dual brush pens for lettering, I really like to mix of nibs and added a safety pin to the back.

If you are not using these for name tags then they would work in exactly the same way for table place cards. When I was making I thought they would also look really pretty strung up into a garland but they could work equally just scattered on tables or made into a seating plan (a bit the one I had at my wedding). As always happy making! x


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