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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

When people ask me what I've been up to lately, it's always such a hard one to answer - I'm usually doing some kind of work whether that be  PA, house or blog. It's all at such speed that I barely register it's happening! I had intended today's post to be all about pregnancy and creativity and how mines been effected but when I started to think about it the real reason I feel like I'm doing less fun creative stuff is because pregnancy takes up a lot of time and no one tells you.

Preparing and eating snacks is an actual activity, I'm off all hot food so am generally eating bits throughout the day but they need to be purchased and prepared. It's where most if my thoughts are diverted too.

For someone who's favourite past time is manual labour - moving furniture, ripping up carpets, sawing wood, putting up shelves - slowing down is my biggest hurdle. I'm getting more comfortable with stopping but it's so hard. My well honed fast London walk has dropped a few mph but it's not all bad, I had a spare half an hour the other day and had such a good power nap in the sun I even got a slight tan!

Getting dressed again is another big time taker, when I'd usually be pinning on Pinterest I'm searching the internet for clothes with stretch! Just as think I've literally got one area of my body covered the following week a new area expands and I'm back at the shops looking for elastane.

I promise you I'm not moaning about being pregnant, I love feeling the kicks and wriggles going on everyday and am so so excited to meet this little babe in September (fingers crossed all stays well) but I just thought you got on with things for 9 months. If like me you like to plan and account for all waking hours then these things are things you need to factor  along side random 'off days' - one day I can feel like I conquer the world the next day I feel like I've been run over by a bus.  

I guess the main purpose of this post is to explain why posting has been a different lately. I'm trying to get as much done before the baby arrives, spending time making the house more child friendly and working on a few really exciting projects. I'm still scribbling ideas on the go and have so many grand plans I want to put into action but for the time being I'm accepting that I can't do everything, instead of being frustrated I'm enjoying this strange new time and am looking forward to the months ahead. 


  1. Oh congratulations, it is such a great news ! Of course, it is mixed feelings to cope with ! I am sure you will be making such a beautiful nest for your little one !

  2. I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats! Me too! I'm due in the middle of October and found my creativity took a massive hit in the first three months because I didn't have the energy for anything but it's such an exciting time. x

  3. Thank you Claire - we're trying to make our nest a little more baby friendly at the mo!

    Congratulations Kate - it is such an exciting time. x

  4. Congratulations! Planning for a baby is such an amazing time! Love your jewellery tutorials, now my little one is sleeping more I want to have a go at your seed bead bracelets! X

  5. Congratulations! Planning for a baby is such an amazing time! Love your jewellery tutorials, now my little one is sleeping more I want to have a go at your seed bead bracelets! X

  6. firstly congratulations.....but wow you are the first person who has summed up how I felt this time last year when pregnant...I felt sapped of creative my baby said hang on mum you can't dash around with a list as long as your arm...i need a nest to grow in'. Go with will feel and have the energy again, I even had mini makes prepped for when the baby arrived as I felt i needed something to ground me in the sea of baby land. ENJOY it all and good luck.


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