Styling The Seasons - May

Monday, 4 May 2015

Welcome to May, I feel like I have been waiting for this month since March! The blossom has opened, tiny seedlings are rapidly growing and my once neglected garden is turning into a place of real inspiration. For this months Styling The Seasons, I couldn't resist taking a table outside have having a play around with all sorts of vintage pretties. I've used a tablecloth found in a charity shop, a new to me enamel jug and little flower pots that were hiding in the greenhouse (I'm so thankful for these as new old pots are so expensive!) The flowers are a mix of garden picked and spares from our Styling The Seasons wreath making event, kindly supplied by Bloom and Wild.

I always like to have a handmade element to my posts so used this table my dad made for me using off cuts from our banisters, it moves around the house and is so handy when you need an extra table. I have positioned it here underneath the apple trees which are currently so pretty and really low so I get a good view of all the blossom - I'm planning on putting a bench in its place at some point.

I've had a week off from my day job to spend time teaching and hosting some wonderful workshops.  The change of scene and pace has left me full of positivity, I've met so many lovely people that have topped up my confidence and given me a new sense of purpose to try new ideas and  keep pursuing a creative life. I love hearing how Styling The Seasons has been encouraging people to pick up their camera's again or for the first time and start creating. You can see a brief snippet of the Styling The Seasons and at {mine} floral wreath making event on Katy's blog here. We had some official photo's taken so I will share them with you all in a few weeks (sorry I didn't do any last week, my laptop was in for repair). 
Katy and I would love to see what the month means to you and your home. Style any surface in your home to reflect what the month means to you and upload to your blog or any social media using the #StylingTheSeasons hashtag. There are always so many gorgeous entries that are guaranteed to give you and your home some spring time inspiration.

Have a fabulous month!


  1. Gorgeous photos Charlotte, I love the light! Yay for Spring :) x

  2. This is just gorgeous. Great idea to take it out in the garden. We're in the middle of sorting out our outside space and I can't help but stand in the window and marvel at what a difference sunshine and flowers make.


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