DIY - silk wrapped statement earrings

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

To apologise for the lack of DIY's around these parts I've come back with a cracker. I intended to make these silk wrapped statement earrings for a wedding I was going to on Friday but unsurprisingly I ran out of time to finish. Whilst I realise they might not be everyone's cup of tea I hope you can be inspired by the colours or use the techniques in your own way.  This lime and soft lilac reminds me of India, I've only just become a fan of lilac shades I think they feel really fresh. Here's how to make.
Step 1. Cut two lengths of silk fabric 1 cm wide and approx. 25cm long. Tie a knot at the top of the earring connector and wrap around until the base is covered. You want to use a connector that is quite wide, like these. If yours have loops at the bottom then cut them off before you start. Tie a knot to fasten and stick the end of the fabric down with glue. 

Step 2. Cut two lengths of fine chain 8cm long. Stitch onto the base of the earring making three loops of chain.

Step 3. Stick gems with E6000 glue to gold stamping discs and leave to dry. 

Step 4. Prepare beads onto headpins, making loops at the top.

Step 5. Fix your discs to the chain using 3mm jumprings. I like to use tiny jump-rings for earrings as I don't like the findings to look too loopy. I purposely placed the discs randomly rather than evenly spaced as thats how I like things to look.

Step 6. Now add your beads and little flower bead caps onto the chain using 3mm jumprings. I always complete one earring then copy on the other earring BUT make sure you mirror design so they look even. 

Step 7. Add your earring hooks to the main earrings, I added a coloured bead between the hook and the main part using a eyepin.

Step 8. As one last step I added a few gems to the fabric but feel free to skip this step if gems aren't your thing. 
 I'm so glad I got around to finishing these they are the perfect pick-me-up for spring outfits. Happy making! x


  1. They look amazing! Very original :) I love the different colours and textures you've used.

    Claire xo


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