Spring gift wrapping

Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday everyone, I'm so grateful for a much needed long weekend. Before the weekend comes and goes I'm want to share some spring wrapping ideas with you all. Whether you're planning on wrapping Easter treats this weekend or are looking for some inspiration to pretty up parcels, I have a few simple ideas that can be made using supplies from your craft cupboard/box/area.
Hand painted paper - I never buy brown paper it just seems to multiply in my wrapping box, if you don't have any then I recommend this is one supply that you buy pronto (you'll never be stuck for wrapping again). I mixed red and white acrylic pink to get a soft blossomy colour, using an eye-liner brush (this was all I had to hand) write spring-y words onto your paper, leave to dry. Before you start its good to work out which way your parcel will be wrapped so the words go in the right direction. 
Leather flowers - I have quite and abundance of leather and jewels, if you don't have such a supply coloured card or hand painted watercolour paper would work equally well. Use buttons, beads, contrast paper for the centres. Cut three flower shapes one larger than the other and three leaf shapes, assemble in a cluster and either glue or use double sided tape to stick together. Add your centres and stick to your parcel using double sided tape.   
Embroidered tags - I love stitching onto paper, its so relaxing. I have been making a few of these tags for my sister and mum's birthdays. Draw a tag shape on watercolour paper, I drew around the top of my phone, which is the perfect size! Embroider little flowers (take at look at my Pinterest board if you need inspiration) you don't have to go crazy with colours three max. will be perfect. Glue a piece of paper on the back to cover up the stitches and cut around the shape. Punch a hole in the top.

Tulle puffs - I think these are my favourite, I made these at Christmas and substituted the organza for Liberty Print. To make cut rectangles of dress net approx. 8 x 12cm (don't be too precious about the size) and strips of organza and ribbon the same length. Alternate net, organiza/ribbon four times. Concertina fold the net/organza pile and fasten in the centre with wire or thread, pull the edges open to make a puff shape. If any edges are looking a bit too large then just give them a trim, its all very loose! 
For a professional finish I always wrap with double sided tape. I used the same colour vintage ribbon on all the parcels to create a sense of unity between them, I always use this trick at Christmas so presents look similar under the tree. So the only additional purchase I made was this gorgeous marbled paper from The Conran Shop, I always buy nice paper but never end up using it as its too good, I think its time to stop stashing and start using! 

I hope these have given you some spring time inspiration, if you can't go all out pretty this time of year when can you? Have a great weekend, I'm off to make, bake and nap. Happy making! x


  1. This post is amazing!! I absolutely love it. Can I ask where you bought your scissors?


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