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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I'm so pre-occupied with home improvements at the moment I can barely think about anything else. We've nearly been in our home for a year and have got used to all its quirks and not-quite-finished areas. Room by room I'm trying to get those finals details finished so I can think about other things. One room I'd like to look at is the kitchen, I deliberately left it really simple so that we could get used to it and see what we really need. 

When Beat My Price got in touch to ask me to review their new service I knew it was a perfect opportunity to start wish listing. If you haven't heard of Beat My Price, its a service which lets you search for the best deals and discounts on the internet. You can search electricals as I've done here but you can also look for meals out, weekends away and cooking classes. You can submit up to five searches a day and the responses come back to you in 24 hours which is perfect if you don't have hours to spend trawling the internet. Most responses came back within a few hours, which was fab. 

I searched for my dream kitchen appliances that would add a dash of colour to my all white kitchen.

Smeg fridge - John Lewis Price - £1,219 - This was the best offer Beat My Price could find

Smeg Kettle - Curry's Price £89.99 - Beat My Price £77.41 - Saving 13.9%

Roberts Radio - Amazon Price £154.90 - Beat My Price £151.10 - Saving 2.4%

Kitchen Aid - John Lewis Price £379 - Beat My Price £375.79  - Saving 5.5%

As you can see there have been some great savings. For those products which the search came back at the same price, you have piece of mind knowing that you aren't being diddled - which is good for a bargain hunter like me.

As everything was looking a bit blue I went for some lovely colourful touches to stop everything looking too matchy matchy (which makes me cringe!)

Newington Green Print, Smug - I have this print already, all it needs is a frame

Wooden Chopping Boards, Workshop Living - We currently have two extremely large chopping boards, these smaller ones would look so much better and make life so much easier!

Tea Towel, Hay - My sister bought me a hay tea towel for my birthday but its too nice to use, if I was feeling flush I might add these two to my collection (only be used when visitors come round!)
If you're still reading and haven't hopped onto the Beat My Price or started dreaming about Smeg fridges then let I hope you have enjoyed the rest of my kitchen inspiration - light and airy, subtle touches of colour and a classic appliance (or two!). I'm almost there but I definitely feel inspired to get some new details added.

Images - shelves/ fridge/rustic/chairs

This post was sponsored by Beat My Price, all opinions are my own.


  1. I would love ALL of those things in my kitchen!!!! Such a tricky place to renovate/do up too once you've moved in as its always the busiest part of the house.


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