Jewel Haul No.2

Thursday, 19 February 2015

The question I get asked most frequently is where I find the materials for my projects. From Ebay to charity shops, traditional bead shops to forlorn sale jewellery stands, I can find treasure anywhere. It's an addiction that I can't break but the materials I use are my biggest source of inspiration. I fall head over heels for a brilliant shade of blue or get completely seduced by vintage sparkle, none of it really fits a theme I just have to love it wholeheartedly. 

I have really been gathering treasures this past few months but there has been such good stuff out there. Starting with the top photo's a bought a few sweet pieces from Beadies, Amsterdam. It is such a lovely shop and had some really unusual charms in all my favourite colours. Hidden at the back of the photo is a massive stash of seed beads I bought from my favourite bead shop and lunchtime hideout that was sadly closing down. These coloured beads are perfect for my jewellery making workshops. 
Someone had donated a lifetime of vintage brooches and vintage chains to my local charity shop. I snapped up as many as I could afford so I can make a few more of these statement brooch necklaces
Every few months I look for leather scraps on Ebay. I found a wonderful multicoloured suede packet for under £10 just after Christmas. I really love the blue shades and have already used the the peach, pink and apricot colours in this leather statement necklace.

I was kindly given this leather cord from Endless Leather and I love it. The rose gold is such a joy to use (see projects here and here). It's not often I get given materials to play with but this stuff is amazing and I love it, it's definitely a staple in the collection. 


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